Our History

Wycliffe Baptist Church

Wycliffe Baptist Church was built in 1881 and whilst the Baptistry still boasts it’s original structure, the building itself has extended over time – as our congregation has grown. And over time we have become so much more than a Church. We are a community of people of all different ages who have come from different walks of life. Yet we all have one thing in common; We love Jesus and want to follow His teachings.

The Holy Spirit works through each and everyone of us. Here at Wycliffe, whether; staff, elder, pastor, missionary or volunteer – we are able to reach out to our community and beyond; providing support and opportunities where there is need.

Who we are

Our Church’s core is traslformin lives through Jesus’ Christ’s love. Our focus is reaching the local community here in East Reading.

As a Baptist church, ur aim is to include all our members through corporate decision making, striving to be united in everything we do. We have a team of Elders who work hard watching out for the spiritual life of our Church, teaching the Word of God, making important decisions and spending time in prayer.

We have a team of dedicated staff who take care of the day to day running of the church, a Children’s, Youth and Families (CYF) team and Pastors serving for the ministry of Jesus.

Meet the Team

What we do

Our love for God, the Church and our community is shown through all the activities and events that we offer. 

From babies through to seniors, we have a variety of regular activities as well as special events.

We have a dedicated CYF team that host an array of activities – from cell groups to mums and toddlers.

We have sports that run during term time all the way through to weekly Bible study groups. Our Coffee and Craft ministry is great for adults activities and crafts, and we also serve Barista coffee.

‘What’s On’