1045 Sermons Archive

Have a look through our sermons from the New Testament and Old Testamet. The majority of services in the latter years are led by Paul L. Preachers include Chris, Paul, John, Graeme, Nigel, Jill, Malveen, Aaron, Lis, Philip and more.

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1st March – Nigel H. on Singleness of heart
8th March – Malveen on 1 Corithians 8
15th March – Jill B. on 1corinthians 9.24-10.13
2nd February – Jill B. on wisdom and maturity
9th February – Nigel H. on 1 Corinthians 3:1-17
16th February – Paul L. on bodies sex temples
23rd February – John L. on 1 Corinthians 7:1 – 16
5th January – Chris D. on praying together
12th January – John L. on 1 Corinthians
19th January – Jerry on Mission
26th January – 10:45 – Lis H. on 1 Cor 1:10 – 2:2


15th December – Jill B. on Joshua Finale
8th December – Aaron P. on living wholeheartedly for god
24th November – Liz H. on joshua 11-13
17th November – John L. on Joshua 9
10th November – Paul L. on Joshua 10
3rd November – Jill B. on Ephesians 3:14-21
27th October – Nigel H. on Joshua 7
20th October – Liz H. on Lis Hearn — Joshua 5:13 – 6:27
13th October – Paul L. circumcision and passover at Gilgal
6th October – John L. on Joshua 3 & 4
29th September – Malveen R. on Joshua 2 – Rahab
22nd September – John L. on Joshua ch1 — Baptism Service
8th September – Jill B. on Joshua 1:1 – 9
4th August – Tim C. Youth Camp Service
21st July – John L. on Matthew 25
14th July – Graeme F. on Matthew 24
7th July – Florence on prayer
30th June – Graeme F.
23rd June – John L. on status or servanthood?
16th June – Aaron P. on Matthew 23
2nd June – Philip P. on Problems of Wealth, possessions and generosity
26th May – John L. on Matthew19:1-12
19th May – Malveen R. on Matthew 18: 21 – 35
12th May – Jill B. stumbling block or stepping stone
5th May – Jill B. on Matthew 17: 1 – 13 — Mountain Top Encounter
28th April – Paul H. on The kingdom and me
21st April – Philip P. Easter Sunday
7th April – John L. on Great Confession of Faith — Matthew 16: 13- 28
31st March – Aaron P. on Matthew 14:13-36
24th March – John L. on The Parables
10th March – Nigel H. on Matthew 11 – 14
3rd March – Paul L. on living for an audience of one
3rd February – Jill B. lives transformed by the love of Jesus
27th January – John L. on Matthew 5:1-20
20th January – Lis H. on how to be radically superhuman
13th January – Graeme F. on John the Baptist
6th January – Jill B. on Matthew Part 1


Christmas Day Services — Peter, Kara, Vanja
9th December – Steve G. on phesians-6:10-24
25th November – John L. Ephesians 5:21-33
18th November – Chris D. on Ephesians
11th November – Nigel H. Ephesians-5:2-30
4th November – Phil C. on troubleshooting the Christian life
28th October – John l. on Unity without uniformity
21st October – Yinka on God loves us
14th October – Jill B
7th October – Paul H. then & now
16th September – Steve P. on blessed to be a blessing
9th September – Roz H. on church across the generations
26th August – Tania O. on Do not fear
19th August – Martin W. on Jesus meets the busy
12th August – Bob SA.
29th July – -Florence
22nd July – John L. on Exodus33-34-glory
15th July – Jill B. on clothes
8th July – David L. on Exodus:_The-Golden-Calf
1st July – Jill B. on God with us
24th June – John L. on Love
17th June – Sam O. on On eagles’ wings
10th June – Malveen R. on Exodus 17
3rd June – Ray on Enter His rest
27th May – John L. on The Passover
20th May – Rose R. on Pentecost
13th May – Phil C. on The-Plagues_Exodus-7-11
6th May – Roz H. on dealing with disappointment
29th April – John L. on Exodus-3_The-Burn
22nd April – Jill B. on Moses is exiled
15th April – Phil T. on the birth of Moses
8th April – Josh on Genesis 11
25th March – Example of the servant of God
18th March – Jill B. on Do you love me?
11th March – Chris D.
4th March – Barry K.
25th February – Roz H. on Devotions
18th February – John L. Loving Jesus – Prayer
11th February – Nigel H. on Revelation
4th February – Phil C. on Psalm-23
28th January on Ephesus
21st January – Lynne-Greene -Live from the Gate Church
14th January – John 10
7th January – John L. on Jesus supreme above all others


31st December
17th December – Once Upon A Christmas
10th December – Jane F. Loving the-Church Inter-generational community”.
3rd December – John L. on The Extravagant Church





13th August – Patrick on Acts 6:1-7